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Healthcare is a unique sector for India. The sector is witnessing a 20 percent growth on a year-on-year basis right from the primary health care level in rural and semi urban areas to the corporate healthcare facilities in Tier I cities in the country. The critical success factor for organisations in this sector being appropriately educated, trained and skilled resources. The existing jobsites cater to mass markets and are plagued with the perennial problem of one solution fit all. Rarely do they understand that job needs and aspirations of  medical professionals require a different approach, as both the skill set available and opportunities in the sector are unlike traditional corporate sectors like IT, management and others. Keeping in mind this specific purpose to understand the unique requirements of healthcare sector and aspirations of medical professionals, we have started www.medicaljobcity.com;  dedicated and focused job portal. Our mission and endeavour will be to provide you with  RELEVANT, LATEST AND ABUNDANT openings exclusive and only to Healthcare sector across the globe. Medicaljobcity.com : Exclusive opportunity portal for Healthcare Sector We understand your world

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