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Find the most career oriented nursing jobs

Posted by | December 2, 2015 | jobs

Find-the-most-career-oriented-nursing-jobsWhether you’re still doing your graduation from the nursing institute or pursuing your higher studies from any university, there’re lot of opportunities which are available for you. These opportunities would help you in giving you a kick start to your career. There are certain good places where you may find the nursing jobs for yourself.

Internship and externship programs

You should try to apply and get an internship or externship in a clinic or a hospital setting. Since you are still a learner, these kinds of programs would offer you the real experience of the medical environment as well as an opportunity of practicing as nurse with a professional physician. Usually, such programs are very flexible for going with your qualifications’ schedule. Once you finish your course of nursing and obtain your certificate, there are great possibilities of turning your externship as well as internships into permanent jobs.

Volunteer programs

Most of the pharmacist’s jobs in India are taken up by the medical enthusiasts who display their actual intentions of helping as well as caring for people as well as the community. While you are pursuing your nursing course, these types of initiatives would help you in learning a lot about the patients ‘care in the real life cases. Also, the hospitals too have the volunteers programs which are either offered to their own employees or to outsiders. This is a very good an effective way of exploring the nursing job opportunities.

Associate yourself with the professional organizations

Some of the organizations offer free of cost participaton to the learners. The biggest benefit of these organizations is an ease of accessibility of the documents as well as notes to the learners. These documents and notes help the nursing learners in their projects. It also demonstrates your keenness on a global perspective of the medical job and not just your specific career of a nurse.

Interacting with hospital managers

When you practice in clinics and hospitals, interacting with other nurses as well as managers help you in learning new things about the healthcare industry, the opportunities in this field and also in deciding your field of specialization. This kind of interaction is quite helpful to know about the competencies as well as qualities which are needed in the profession of nursing for working in the best hospitals and clinics.

These are some of the ways of ensuring that you get the best nursing jobs once you are done with your course.

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The most responsible jobs in the health care sector

Posted by | November 4, 2015 | jobs

Top-10-Most-Paying-Jobs-For-Doctors-2014 In case you are looking for a career opportunity with the help of which you may have a positive impact on the lives of people as well as the health of your society, then you need to enter the health care sector. The Healthcare jobs India will be increasing approximately 29% by 2022 as compared to 11% average for all the other segments as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

1. Surgeons

Taking up the job of a surgeon is not easy at all. Almost every surgeon accomplishes minimum four years of under graduation school, four years of healthcare of school and on the basis of their specialty three to eight years of residency as well as internship programs. With all the training and education needed for becoming a surgeon, it is not surprising that 96% of these people feel contended with their job. The jobs of physicians and surgeons are expected to go up by 18% by 2022.

2. Radiation therapists

The radiation therapists are totally focused on the improvement of the lives of the patients who are suffering from cancer. They treat the cancer patients and the patients suffering from other diseases by giving them radiation therapy. Most of the radiation therapists accomplish their programs which lead to an Associate’s Degree or bachelor’s degree in Radiation therapy. The hospital jobs in the field of radiation therapy might grow to 24% by 2022.

3. Chiropractors

You may thank the Chiropractor for helping you take that crank from your neck. The chiropractors treat their patients with health issues of the neuro musculoskeletal system which includes the bones, nerves, ligaments, muscles as well as tendons.
They employ the adjustments in the spinal cord, manipulation and other such techniques for managing the health issues of the patients like pain in the neck or back. Chiropractors should have a Doctor of chiropractic degree as well as a state-license. The Doctor of chiropractic programs take approximately four years for completion and need minimum three years of UG college-education for admission. The jobs in this sector are expected to rise to about 15% by 2022.

3. Psychiatrists

Psychiatrists are the people who treat mental-disorders including disabilities of the intellect and substantial disorders. They employ a combination of medicine as well as therapy for helping people in dealing with trauma, mental-illness and stress. Due to the significance of their job, about twelve years of training and academic-study is needed for earning a Degree in Psychiatry.

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The Booming Medical Sector in India

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While running a hospital is a noble business but it also has its high perks like high salaries. With the life moving in a fast forward mode and the lifestyle that people are following, rarely would you find a hospital empty on any given day of the year. You’d be surprised to know that we as a country spend 5.1% of our GDP on the health sector.

If you are working in a hospital, no matter what job you have been hired for, you sure are going to be a busy bee. Hospitals are actually no less than corporates. While for some the job may be of fixed hours, some might find themselves in demand at any hour of the day all-round the year.

Whatever said and done this is one of those jobs which, if you are passionate about, will bring you utmost satisfaction. For those who have the love for curing people or are in love with medical sciences a job at the hospital is what should gun for. Nothing can be as satisfying as serving people at a hospital for a people person and nothing can give you more returns in terms of research and study for those who love the medical sciences.

For those in this field know it very well that how tough it is to get going in the medical stream. While it may look all jazzy on top, a job at the hospital requires skill sets starting from people to technical knowledge. Any job under this umbrella would constantly demand the person to meet a lot of people on a day to day basis, deal with different type of situations and yet at the same time maintain a poise and composure. No wonder it is one of the most respected jobs in India.

India and Healthcare

The healthcare in India has come a long way now. At one point of time only the major cities had hospitals and only some of the small towns had a few of them. For the villages to have a hospital or a clinic was a far-fetched dream in those days. Times have changed and so has India! The medical infrastructure of India has grown from a tiny dot to a massive giant, so much so that we have people coming in from other countries for medical assistance.

It is not just for the sake of saying, that our country is known for churning out the best doctors and engineers in the world, we actually have the best of the lot. We have now come to a point where even our villages have hospitals. Also with the commutation becoming faster, the hospital can be made available anywhere in the world. If you are a hard worker your job in the hospital can actually make you travel the world!

Coming to some recent numbers regarding the Health care sector in India, the government still seems to lack when it comes to providing state of the medical facilities. Today, almost 80% of the health care services are provided by the private sector.

As far as the government numbers are concerned there are 22, 271 primary health care centres in India and 1, 7, 271 sub centres. We have around 1200 PSU hospitals and 4400 district hospitals. There are 2,935 community health care centres. Last but not the least 117 medical colleges which are also Tertiary care hospitals.


80 % of the hospitals in India have less than 30 beds while only 1 % falls in the league of more than 200 beds. As per a statistical research, there are around 15,393 hospitals in India. Out of them, around 4049 are run by the public sector while 11,344 are run by the Private sector. Total numbers of beds in the hospitals are 8, 75, 000. There are about 5, 92, 215 doctors in India, a whopping big number!



Apart from the doctors, there are 7, 37, 000 nurses, 80000 dentists, 170 Medical colleges. Every year the country churns out 18000 doctors.

Different Jobs at a Hospital

In case you think that hospitals only hire doctors you are wrong. With the health care sector predominantly being controlled by the private sector, the quality of health care has also gone up. With quality in work comes a great demand of different roles. Here are few jobs in hospitals:

Doctors and Nurses: A very obvious job role that you will find in hospitals. Nurses and Doctors are usually in great demand while hiring.

Finance Manager: The hospital has a lot of bills and invoices coming inn and going out. From X- ray machines to medicine bills each and every penny needs to be accounted for. Hence they usually need a person with sound finance knowledge for the Financial Management bit.

Counsellors: Counselling is relatively a new concept in India. With the growing stress that comes along with visits to the hospitals a counsellor comes in as a blessing. A counsellor can come handy in variety of situations like teenage issues, or to handle patients who are feeling low or sometimes even the kith and kin of the patients.

Hospital Manager: A new management course that is popularly picking up its importance is the Hospital management course. A lot of doctors are going in for it who want to side step from their medical career to the management side. The manager in such a case is hired to handle all the admin bit of the hospital. From salaries of doctors to vendors and patients.

Admin Jobs: There are of course the admin jobs that are in demand because of the sensitivity of the profession and the sanctity of the work that is done in a hospital. A hospital always needs a cleaning staff, electrician, carpenter, cook, security staff and receptionists. They are the back bone of a hospital. Have you ever seen a hospital which is dirty or where there is no electricity? Can’t be afforded because cleanliness is an important virtue in a hospital and there are heavy big machines that are required to conducts tests on patients.

A few recent numbers

Hospitals will be n much more demand in the times to come. Here’s looking at a few numbers:

Currently there are about 3.8 cases of cataract in the country every year.

It is estimated that the number of cancer patients is going to go up to a huge number of 15, 57,800 by the year 2021.

The number of cases of malaria will also rise up.

With the changing lifestyle, there are a lot of problems that are now being commonly identified in people, some of them being hypertension, diabetes and renal failure. This number is going to go up with time.

As mentioned earlier the demand is only going to go higher and higher for the hospitals in India. If it is to be believed, the healthcare industry will grow more in the private sector, more so because of demand of quality health care.

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The growing demand for health care professionals in India

Posted by | July 10, 2015 | Healthcare

Healthcare-Jobs1The Indian system of medicine gives a very tough-competition to the old and well-established systems of healthcare in the world. It’s one the largest sector in terms of employment and revenue and is growing at a fast pace.

India as a major health care destination

Presence of world class hospitals as well as trained medical-professionals has made position of India quite strong as the most preferred healthcare destination and that is why the medical jobs in India are also increasing.

Companies’ demand for medical professionals

There’s a substantial requirement for high quality & speciality medical services in tier 2 as well as tier 3 cities for catering the rising demand of healthcare services. Since this industry is a Research & Development driven sector, the companies have to hire professionals who have technical as well as practical skills and knowledge. Across all levels of industry, there’s a high requirement of skilled people for discovering, manufacturing, licensing, and monitoring medicines.

Growth in recruitment in healthcare sector

The healthcare sector is expecting to add four lakh jobs by the end of coming financial year. Also, a report “India’s new opportunities-2020” by All India Management Association, Confederation of Indian Industries and Boston Consulting Group has predicted that more than 40 million medical jobs in India will be generated by the year 2020.

Looking for suitable and skilled candidates

Understanding the requirements of job is the 1st step towards employing skilled candidates for jobs in the healthcare sector. Instead of looking for suitable candidates directly, an effective alternate is outsourcing the task of hiring through a recruitment firm. A reliable and well established human resource consultant will guide you in hiring manpower from our country and conducting different processes which are involved for choosing the most suitable candidates for your requirements.

Why do companies outsource their manpower requirements

Looking for a suitable candidate is very crucial, time-consuming and expensive task. By outsourcing the job to human-resource consultants, the companies can concentrate more on the basic activities; get better candidates, better-techniques, etc. This will also help in decreasing the overall cost of business.

Top HR agencies

Top HR agencies offer effective solutions of recruitment to the companies who are in search of medical professionals. They’re involved in providing the best possible HR services for easing out the work-load of the clients. Having a very good network across different levels, these companies help in recruiting medical professionals.

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Earn a 5 figure income with these medical jobs

Posted by | June 19, 2015 | jobs

images (1)As per some recent surveys, the medicine sector is being considered to be the biggest employer in the world today. It contributes a very high percentage towards the economy of a country.

Thus, an individual opting for a career in this ever growing sector is most likely to come across a lot of opportunities which would enable him to find one of the highest paying medical jobs. However, for the highly paid occupations, you should have deep knowledge in the field of medicine. You need to have knowledge regarding the specialisations as well as qualifications which are required to be selected for a job in the medical sector.

The job of a doctor is an occupation for which huge chunk of population literally struggles & it’s quite obvious as it is a high income package occupation and it also helps an individual earn a good reputation. Apart from the profession of a doctor, there’re a lot of other specialisations too, which help the individuals in reaching their targets.

The high paying fields of medicine

Clerical Medical Jobs- These jobs are mainly managed by the Medical Coders or the receptionist. You need to have a degree in science & deep knowledge about medicines. You should also be able to note down different medicines as dictated by the physician. The main role of a medical coder is the maintenance of record of medicines, patients, health issues of the patients, the dates of patients’ admission as well as discharge and other similar kind of tasks. A medical coder needs to be intelligent and smart enough to prepare an accurate patient’s record. In case he is not able to do so, chances may occur that the insurance agency denies payment.

Physical assistant- As operating & handling of various machines is the job of professionals who have expertise and knowledge in that domain; they have a different kind of space in the field of medicine. Physiotherapists, Cardiologists, Surgical technicians, Pharmacists, Radiologists, Lab technicians, Dental assistants etc. are a few demanding fields of best medical jobs. They function under the expert supervision and guidance of doctors as well as nurses & help them with different clinical & administrative jobs. They apply different procedures for conducting a test like Blood Pressure, Haemoglobin, and Blood etc.

Nursing- This is also one of the well paying medical jobs today. There’re a number of significant criterions that you always need to be clear about. Most importantly, you need to have an Associate Degree or Certificate Course which is important for nursing.

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The fastest growing Nursing Jobs in the country

Posted by | May 18, 2015 | jobs

imagesSome of the rapidly developing professions in India are from the healthcare services. With the changing lifestyle the need for health care services is also increasing.

Allied healthcare services include a wide range of services which include Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Home Health Aid Workers, Dental Assistants, Medical Sonographers, Speech Pathologists, Lab Technicians, etc.

Some of the rapidly growing Nursing Jobs are:

1. Medical transcription- medical transcriptionists’ services include listening to the recordings of the dictations by the doctors & then converting them into grammatically and factually well written report. The core abilities required for this job include ability to understand the medical terms, efficiency in typing & skills of editing. The medical transcriptionists can work at physicians’ office, hospitals, and firms which offer transcription. A lot of them are even elf employed & work from home.

2. Pharmacy technician: The pharmacy technicians are trained professionals who help the registered pharmacists for performing various clerical, pharmacy related and administrative tasks. The Nursing Jobs include accomplishing tasks such as helping the pharmacists in completing prescriptions, mixing the medications, solving patient’s queries, maintaining the profiles of patients, maintaining cash records, labelling the bottles, packaging etc.

3. Medical coding & billing- The medical coding & billing medical professionals utilise different systems of classifications for assigning the codes for treatments, tests, diagnoses & other such medical procedures which are performed by the physicians. These documents are then used for the purpose of health care reimbursement and for maintaining the records of patients, history of patients as well as database of hospitals.

4. Medical assistant- these are rapidly growing Staff Nurses Jobs India, which is growing at a very fast pace. The medical assistants offer a wide range of clerical as well as administrative services to the chiropractors, physicians, podiatrists & other medical practitioners. On the basis of the state in which these medical professionals are employed & their training, the Medical Assistants also perform the basic tasks of the clinic like noting down the vitals, recording the history of patients, administering injections & drugs, removing the sutures & dressings of the patients, etc.

Medical Job City offers a number Staff Nurses Jobs India which would offer you a good remuneration. You can register with Medical Job City and find unlimited number of nursing jobs. So to kick start your nursing career just log into Medical Job City.

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How to convince the interviewer to hire you

Posted by | May 16, 2015 | jobs

The job of the interviewer is to hire the best candidate for the open position. Almost every candidate who makes it to the stage of interview is qualified enough for the job. Thus, the winning person should be much more than just being qualified for the job.

By asking “Why should we hire you?” the interviewer is expecting you to sell yourself to him & to prove yourself to be the best candidate for that position. Almost every interviewer offering Jobs in India asks this question for. You need to convince the interviewer that:

• You are capable of doing the work & delivering exceptional output

• You would beautifully fit into & also be a beneficial addition to the company

• You have all the necessary skills as well as experience which makes you stand apart from the others

How to prepare for the dreadful question?

The experts at Medical Job City who have hired a lot of candidates for Jobs in India have listed out a few points which can be helpful to you in answering this question.

1. Refer to the job description

Go through the job-description carefully. List down the skills & experiences asked for and make a note of 3 or 4 of the most significant ‘wants’ of the employer, the ones that you feel you are capable of fulfilling, & then use them to answer the question.

2. Concentrate your answer on what you are capable of doing for the company, and not what the company is capable of doing for you

Utilise this question as an opportunity for pitching your services as the solution for the problems of the employer. Make sure that you signify that how your set of skills would benefit the prospective employer

3. Avoid cliché language

Never mention that you should be hired for the job because you are “Hard working”, “Reliable”, “Work well in a team”, etc. These things sound very cliché & not unconvincing.

4. Evidence each and every answer of yours

While answering this question, there will be a very fine– line between describing yourself as either confident or very arrogant. Offering evidence for backing up every point of yours would safeguard you from veering in front of the interviewer. Mention that you are an accomplished, diligent & a confident person. But you will have to provide evidence for each and every skill you mention. For example, if you mention that you should get the job because you are analytical you can say that “I have an analytical mind & an ability of crunching numbers in no time. I have proved this during X, Y, Z work experiences.

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10 Medical jobs that offer handsome pay

Posted by | May 12, 2015 | jobs

Top-10-Most-Paying-Jobs-For-Doctors-2014The demand for support-staff for the top tier professionals in the field of medicine & affordable healthcare services is increasing the employment opportunities throughout the industry. Let’s have a look at the top 10 hot medical jobs in the country:

1. Dentist

A lot of studies link oral-health to the over-all health of an individual. Thus, regular visit to your dentist is important. Dentists are amongst the best paid health-care professionals because of their expertise as well as ability of performing oral checkups. Thanks to the handsome pay of the dentists, comfortable balance of work life & a booming growth of employment, the job of a dentist is at the top of Hospital Jobs in India.

2. Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioners may extend their services to a physician by providing them assistance in authorizing medical treatments, counselling the patients and performing the physical examinations.

3. Physician

The doctor jobs in India are earned after years of hard work, internships, etc. But, the hard work is paid through a good pay making it a much demanded profession.

4. Dental Hygienist

The job of a dental hygienist is much more than scraping tartar from your teeth. They also offer guidance to the patients regarding best practices for protecting their teeth.

5. Physical Therapist

As we age, our need for physical therapist also increases. The physical therapists take care of their patients for increasing their mobility & reducing the pain they experience from moving. This is also amongst the well paying Medical Jobs in India.

6. Registered Nurses

The registered nurses can specialize in some particular condition, parts of the human body or medical environment like emergency medical room. Their job ranges from dispensing medicines & performing medical tests to administrative jobs.

7. Physician Assistants

The physician assistants need to be prepared for facing a wide range of health concerns, injuries and illnesses. They may work in family-medicine, primary health care, psychiatry & emergency health practices.

8. Diagnostic medical sonographer

A sonography expert examines the muscles, nervous-system, abdominal activities & breast tissues for diagnosing the medical condition of the would be mom as well as the baby.

9. Occupational therapists

Occupational therapist helps the patients lead an independent life in spite of the health related restrictions. This is another well paying medical job.

10. Occupational therapy assistants

It has been estimated that this profession will be growing by almost 43% by the year 2022, as more and more baby-boomers require assistance with emotional and physical healthcare issues.

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Why should you consider taking up the job of medical coding

Posted by | April 25, 2015 | jobs

The Role

The main role of the medical-coders in all the medical coding jobs is to process the medical-claims accurately & thoroughly for the clinics, physicians, hospitals, etc with an ultimate aim of getting paid from the health care providers. Even though the terms like “Back shop”, Back office” & “Support staff” are used often for describing the medical coding jobs, they’re considered very important by medical-professionals. A competent and efficient medical coder is valued & respected in the society.

As a new patient visits the doctor, a new file is initiated for him & kept as a patient’s record. Also a number is given to the file of the patient & referred to as the CPT Code. Once the patient is diagnosed by the doctor, a 2nd code known as the ICD code is given to the patient’s file. All these codes are very critical as they are used for tracking the disbursements of funds by the healthcare insurance provider.

General skills required

The medical coding jobs need computers & thus, the medical coding professionals need to be computer friendly. Also, the health care jobs of medical coding require usage of specialized softwares so that it can benefit the medical coder in learning things quickly.
Further, for working with the numbers & paying attention to details is a must. Accuracy is the main thing in settling and expediting the process of medical claims & receiving the reimbursement from the Insurance provider.

While the medical coding jobs are primarily viewed as Administrative functions, most of the successful Medical Coders have good communication as well as inter-personal skills. These professionals also receive advancements in their career & attract high compensation. An efficient Medical Coder communicates efficiently with the physicians, patients and Insurance providers for resolving the issues and questions related to the insurance claim.

Training, education and certification

Just like any other career, education, training, & professional-certifications have a huge role to play in the compensation as well as future advancements in career of the medical coder.

The Medical Coding jobs are very much in demand these days. They also give a significant role to doctors, physicians, hospitals, clinics & other such medical services providers. The job of a medical coder can be quite rewarding & it offers an opportunity for making a decent income & offers a basis for advancements in career in future.

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5 Tips for Interviewing Successfully

Posted by | April 14, 2015 | jobs

images Whether it is an interview for job, club or school, you will definitely be unsure about it. Below are a few tips for helping you feel prepared and confident while appearing for an interview:

1) Look professional

Looking professional is the most important thing while you appear for an interview. The interviewer should get a feeling that you are serious about your career and job. Your appearance will make the first impression on the interviewer. Thus, you need to make sure that it’s the good one.

2) Research well

Try to research as much as you can about the company in which you have applied for a job. Go through the vision of the company, its primary objective & its structure. Also find out whatever you can about the post for which you are going to be interviewed. Google plays a very significant role here.

3) Make your friend interview you

Prepare for a mock interview and be very serious about it.. Make your friend or any member of your family interview you just like you might be interviewed in the actual interview. Prepare some typical questions and try answering them. This will be helpful to you.

4) Confidence

Confidence is the first and the most important thing that any employer looks for in his prospective employees. Interviewers are no less than dogs. They can easily smell Fear. If you are not confident while answering the questions in the interview, there’s no way the interviewer is going to short list you. Be sure of yourself, everything else will fall in place on its own.

5) Build a strong resume

There are a lot of places online which will be helpful to you for creating an effective resume. Professional help may also be considered. In case you know some counselor, make them review your resume. Try to research on the format of resume which is trending these days. One important thing you should always remember is that you should not print your resume on the conventional print paper.

A few other important things which you should bear in mind while you are being interviewed are calling the interviewer by his or her name, having a firm handshake with them, thanking them before leaving the interview hall & sending them a thank you letter later on.

An interview is a no big deal when you are confident about yourself and your qualifications.

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