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  • 北京爱奇艺科技有限公司








    iQIYI, who pioneered video services in China, was established on April 22nd 2010 in the spirit of “Joy & Quality”. From the beginning, iQIYI actively promoted innovation in product design, technology, content, and marketing even as they prioritized a rich, high definition, smooth and professional video experience providing better videos – and a wider selection – for all users. Currently, iQIYI has successfully built a video eco-business that includes e-commerce, game, and movie ticketing building key connections between people and services. iQIYI has established itself as a leader in the diversified development of a video website business model.

    iQIYI’s brand, perceived as high quality, fashionable and appealing to young people, is highly popular among the youth market in China. They distribute China’s largest authorized video library divided into ten categories, including movies, TV series, variety shows and cartoons. These segments are growing continuously based on the strategy of “iQIYI Production”, which ensures a truly holistic and premium era for “pure online content”. Meanwhile, as a video website with the largest number of paying subscribers in China, iQIYI advocates the VIP concept of “new affordable luxury” for people seeking high status lifestyle markers. iQIYI also consistently provides a high volume of exclusive quality content for VIP members, as well as an extraordinary audio and visual experience and unique offline member services.

    In 2014, iQIYI introduced the first “video brain” in the world – iQIYI Brain is based on search and video data to understand human behaviors through content creation, production, operation and consumption. Using sophisticated data analysis plus robust cloud computing, industry leading bandwidth capacity and the world’s largest video distribution website, iQIYI is able to provide top-tier and intuitive video services for all of its users. iQIYI has created a customer service value and methodology called “iJOYMarketing”. In the current “experience marketing era”, propelled by the twin drivers of technology and content, ROI will be completely transformed via multi-screen touch functions, innovative and original content, technological optimization, interactivity, ecommerce, and other pathways for customers to enjoy the leisure and entertainment options they have come to expect from a creative company.

    In the future, iQIYI will continue to strengthen its diversified content repository, individulized product experience and customised marketing services and to lead the video experience revolution through continuously improving the connection between services and people who aspire for a better and richer lifestyle.