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The Booming Medical Sector in India

Posted by | August 11, 2015 | case study

While running a hospital is a noble business but it also has its high perks like high salaries. With the life moving in a fast forward mode and the lifestyle that people are following, rarely would you find a hospital empty on any given day of the year. You’d be surprised to know that we as a country spend 5.1% of our GDP on the health sector.

If you are working in a hospital, no matter what job you have been hired for, you sure are going to be a busy bee. Hospitals are actually no less than corporates. While for some the job may be of fixed hours, some might find themselves in demand at any hour of the day all-round the year.

Whatever said and done this is one of those jobs which, if you are passionate about, will bring you utmost satisfaction. For those who have the love for curing people or are in love with medical sciences a job at the hospital is what should gun for. Nothing can be as satisfying as serving people at a hospital for a people person and nothing can give you more returns in terms of research and study for those who love the medical sciences.

For those in this field know it very well that how tough it is to get going in the medical stream. While it may look all jazzy on top, a job at the hospital requires skill sets starting from people to technical knowledge. Any job under this umbrella would constantly demand the person to meet a lot of people on a day to day basis, deal with different type of situations and yet at the same time maintain a poise and composure. No wonder it is one of the most respected jobs in India.

India and Healthcare

The healthcare in India has come a long way now. At one point of time only the major cities had hospitals and only some of the small towns had a few of them. For the villages to have a hospital or a clinic was a far-fetched dream in those days. Times have changed and so has India! The medical infrastructure of India has grown from a tiny dot to a massive giant, so much so that we have people coming in from other countries for medical assistance.

It is not just for the sake of saying, that our country is known for churning out the best doctors and engineers in the world, we actually have the best of the lot. We have now come to a point where even our villages have hospitals. Also with the commutation becoming faster, the hospital can be made available anywhere in the world. If you are a hard worker your job in the hospital can actually make you travel the world!

Coming to some recent numbers regarding the Health care sector in India, the government still seems to lack when it comes to providing state of the medical facilities. Today, almost 80% of the health care services are provided by the private sector.

As far as the government numbers are concerned there are 22, 271 primary health care centres in India and 1, 7, 271 sub centres. We have around 1200 PSU hospitals and 4400 district hospitals. There are 2,935 community health care centres. Last but not the least 117 medical colleges which are also Tertiary care hospitals.


80 % of the hospitals in India have less than 30 beds while only 1 % falls in the league of more than 200 beds. As per a statistical research, there are around 15,393 hospitals in India. Out of them, around 4049 are run by the public sector while 11,344 are run by the Private sector. Total numbers of beds in the hospitals are 8, 75, 000. There are about 5, 92, 215 doctors in India, a whopping big number!



Apart from the doctors, there are 7, 37, 000 nurses, 80000 dentists, 170 Medical colleges. Every year the country churns out 18000 doctors.

Different Jobs at a Hospital

In case you think that hospitals only hire doctors you are wrong. With the health care sector predominantly being controlled by the private sector, the quality of health care has also gone up. With quality in work comes a great demand of different roles. Here are few jobs in hospitals:

Doctors and Nurses: A very obvious job role that you will find in hospitals. Nurses and Doctors are usually in great demand while hiring.

Finance Manager: The hospital has a lot of bills and invoices coming inn and going out. From X- ray machines to medicine bills each and every penny needs to be accounted for. Hence they usually need a person with sound finance knowledge for the Financial Management bit.

Counsellors: Counselling is relatively a new concept in India. With the growing stress that comes along with visits to the hospitals a counsellor comes in as a blessing. A counsellor can come handy in variety of situations like teenage issues, or to handle patients who are feeling low or sometimes even the kith and kin of the patients.

Hospital Manager: A new management course that is popularly picking up its importance is the Hospital management course. A lot of doctors are going in for it who want to side step from their medical career to the management side. The manager in such a case is hired to handle all the admin bit of the hospital. From salaries of doctors to vendors and patients.

Admin Jobs: There are of course the admin jobs that are in demand because of the sensitivity of the profession and the sanctity of the work that is done in a hospital. A hospital always needs a cleaning staff, electrician, carpenter, cook, security staff and receptionists. They are the back bone of a hospital. Have you ever seen a hospital which is dirty or where there is no electricity? Can’t be afforded because cleanliness is an important virtue in a hospital and there are heavy big machines that are required to conducts tests on patients.

A few recent numbers

Hospitals will be n much more demand in the times to come. Here’s looking at a few numbers:

Currently there are about 3.8 cases of cataract in the country every year.

It is estimated that the number of cancer patients is going to go up to a huge number of 15, 57,800 by the year 2021.

The number of cases of malaria will also rise up.

With the changing lifestyle, there are a lot of problems that are now being commonly identified in people, some of them being hypertension, diabetes and renal failure. This number is going to go up with time.

As mentioned earlier the demand is only going to go higher and higher for the hospitals in India. If it is to be believed, the healthcare industry will grow more in the private sector, more so because of demand of quality health care.

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